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nellie roxx
Talented, driven and passionate are words that come to mind when describing reggae songstress/writer/composer Nellie Roxx. The triple threat can be heard belting out melodies in the booth which are notably much larger than her small frame. Nellie can be found in the Cashflow studio around the “pro tools area” voicing a fellow artiste’s next hit song, or deep in concentration placing perfect melodies together to create the next hit riddim. It is rare for a female artiste to acquire all these essentials in music, so one would say that Nellie is “well-strapped”.
The musical journey of Nellie Roxx began at the tender age of 8 years old when she started taking voice lessons and learnt how to play various wind instruments. She entered JCDC competitions and was successful in qualifying for national finals each year. Her interest and drive did not stop when she migrated to the US at age 13. At this point she started teaching herself music composition and developed a keen interest in writing music from the melodies she created playing the piano.
Today, back in Jamaica at the age of 21, Nellie Roxx has mastered the art of music in so many ways. “I have been working on perfecting my craft for years and even though there is always room for improvement, I am now ready to share my music with the world”. One of her first projects was a track ‘My Life’ that was featured on the Concrete Jungle Riddim courtesy of Jam 2 productions. In July 2010 her track ‘Tonight’ on the sultry dancehall Pleasure Riddim, courtesy of Cashflow Productions, has been doing great especially in European countries where Jamaican music is highly appreciated by the general public. The track has also been doing well in sales on iTunes.
Currently, Nellie Roxx is working on a reggae single to be released under Cashflow Records once more. The unique blend of live and digital instruments compliment that of her voice to give a new sound to your typical reggae. Steering away from singing, Nellie is also working on producing singles for singers Kimberly Nain, Elise Dash and Khaos, a deejay in Florida.
Her lifelong dream is to become a prominent asset in the music business. She would also like to generate a network of talented young artistes, like herself, and bring them to the public.

Passionately driven by everything around him is the first thing you would like to be aware of when you think of this gentleman. Songwriter, singer, rhythm maker, composer are just a few of the accolades one must remember when he comes to mind. Standing at 6’5in tall, melodies flow from him the depth of him soul with much vigor. Whether at home in his personal recording studio or at Shawn Veteran’s studio on Montego Bay, The Flowist can be found voicing his next hit song or one for the classics.   

His musical journey started in the early days of his teen years. He join his schools musical band where he played the trombone then moved to the junior choir after the musical director at the time heard him singing in the band room after band practice. After a year and a half with the junior choir he moved up to the senior choir where he played the role of lead tenor. At this point he then learnt how to manipulate different genres of music and how to bend characteristic from one genre and blend it with other to create a new sound. As major fan of live music he join the schools performing art band where he got changes to perform at the inaugural Red Strip Reggae Sumfest in 2007 and 2008where ushered performance with Mr. Vagas and the new foundation of reggae music himself Tarrus Riley, the JCDC (Jamaica Cultural Development Commission) national festival in 2005, 2006, 2007 where they won almost every category they performed in. He then moved on to college in the year 2009 and joined the choir and the awards kept coming. The choir was placed third in the All-Island-Sing of challenge.   

 Today, The Flowist can be found perfecting his creative edge in some simply yet crafty environments. “Even when am hang out with friends I’m constantly using what’s happening around me as motivation to create some new. I most times try to add on to an old idea with whatever new ones come my way. It makes it easier to remember the older ideas, that way you’re always abreast with what you had working with and where you can take it”. One of his first projects was a track called ‘Mistakes that I’ve Made’ that was featured on a Riddim called These Skulls which was given to him by Producer / artist ‘Erik Diener’ to write a hook for a fellow artist. He fell in love with the beat and was given to go ahead to complete his own hit song on it. It was an immediate hit. The song got featured as he had to perform it live on DJ King Assassin’s Radio show in Los Angeles, California via the internet.   

Currently, with his newly found musically genius partners Lionel ‘Aiodize’ Kinnock and Sheldon ‘Dane Hype’ White form the foundation at MoBay Records and are seeking to draft other talented performers and artiste alike to grow the label and it even more profitable. In addition, he has a dancehall collaborative track which features him, Aiodize and Dane Hype called ‘Summer Time’ which is belting a very high level of attention. The track has also been doing well over the internet as a downloadable track. The Flowist is also working on a Reggae/RnB/Rap album to be released under MoBay Records in the near future. He further stated that this album promises to be one of unique proportions, featuring live and digital instruments complimented by his vocal ability to jive from one genre to another. He mentioned that his dream is to become be the Ryan Leslie / Quincy Jones of Jamaican Music, maintaining a high level of expectancy in the hearts and minds of his family, friends and the wide world. With this mind set he is focused and driven to become a major asset in the music industry.